Our mission is to help people become healthier and stronger by helping them become more consistent in their health & fitness regimen.

Our Advisors

Weo’s advisors are leading experts from Medicine, Business, Insurance, and Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Torsello, is a highly regarded specialist in vascular and trauma surgery in Europe and around the world. Dr. Torsello has pioneered the use of many innovations in treatment of vascular diseases in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Kilian-Yasin, PhD, is professor for International Business for Engineers, program director of BA International Engineering and Management, and Ethics Officer at Pforzheim University.

Steve Wescott works as Vice President for New York Life insurance company, based in the Americas. He enjoys soccer, fitness, and travelling, and specializes in Strategy, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Vikram Alva, PhD, is a Project Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tuebingen, Germany. He uses bioinformatic approaches to study the structure, function, and evolution of proteins.

Our Partners

Dr. Peter Fischer, PhD

Dr. Fischer is a doctor of Physical Therapy, Physioaward Winner of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and a medical faculty at the University of Tübingen, Germany.


BARMER is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany. BARMER insures around 9 Million customers in Germany. BARMER helps people to live healthier lives and receive the best possible care when they are sick. BARMER also supports sustainable prevention.

Our team

We are a passionate bunch that is going to change the way people engage with health & fitness


Product development, customer acquisition

Dreaming, conceptualizing, sales & marketing, financing, arcane legal stuff, travelling, reading, music, exploring, insatiable curiosity


Design, Product development

Master’s degree in Comp Science, Uni Tübingen, artist and the scientist, designer and developer, the Standards bearer, conscience keeper, Master of execution


App Development

Master’s degree in Computer Applications, Programmer, Fitness freak, Always ready to explore new things, loves to play cricket


Full stack development

Felix started with full stack web development when he was 14, published his first two apps when he was 17, and developed the official smart city app for Reutlingen, smaRT city Reutlingen.


App and back-end development

Master’s degree in Comp Science, Uni Tübingen, Max Planck Institute for developmental biology, Daimler, Soccer & Basketball, Drone photography, ideator and the spark


Back-end Development and tech lead

Master’s degree in Information Engineering, Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Daimler, pragmatist innovator, explorer, ideator and the builder