Together for health

Collaborate with your friends and family to help each other live a healthy, long life

If you have experienced several breaks in your fitness regimen and want to become more consistent or if you are concerned about the health of your family and friends, Weo is the app for you.

Weo is a health app for everyone

On Weo, your family and friends come together, no matter what their age, physical ability, interests and goals are.

Set your health goal and share it with your friends

Share your goals with people who can help you and support you achieve your goals.

You could share them with your personal trainer too.

Exchange information, insights and experiences

Help each other achieve health goals by sharing experiences, articles, videos or just a good ol' hurrah!

Maintain a journal of your progress

Update and track your goal progress on Weo.

Maintain a diary of things that help you achieve your goals.

Weo lets you know when your friends need you

All of us need a nudge sometimes

Use Weo to nudge your friends onwards

Motivate and get motivated by the real achievements and activities of your own circle of friends on Weo

On Weo, every goal has a Weomi. Keep it blooming!

Weomi indicates the health of your goal

Nurture Weomi with regular activity and progress updates to see it bloom!

Plan your workouts and get expert guidance on Weo

Plan your workouts and have your friends & family join-in

Schedule in-person or virtual workout sessions

Exchange notes, prepare and make each workout fun and enjoyable in the company of your friends

Get practical guidance from experts

Access practical health tips that keep you going for long

Ask questions to Weo’s experts and interact with them

Keep track of your health & fitness activities on Weo

Keep track of your health and activity metrics

Review your past goals, notes, resources, links and other valuable information related to your health

Integrate Weo with Apple Health and Google Fit

Option to easily integrate with Google Fit and Apple Health

Integrate Weo with other fitness apps and wearables through Apple Health and Google Fit