Make your friends your health partners with Weo!

Friend recommendations

Never be without friends, whatever your sport, wherever you are

Get recommendations of people that match your interests
Make new friends and stay active together

Get motivated in the company of your friends & support each other

Connect with Friends

No matter where your friends are, cheer each other and stay motivated!

Share Experiences

Exchange health & fitness experiences, information, and pictures with each other

Be with Each Other

Use Weo to join your friends in health & fitness activities

Share Goals

Share your health goals and activities with each other

Boost your Friends

Nudge each other by sending a Boost of energy on Weo

Support Each Other

Drive each other to remain active

Personalize your experience on Weo

Create your own avatar on Weo to truly reflect who you are
Create your own circle of friends to spur you on
Personalize the visibility of information you share

Plan your health journey on Weo

Set a goal for the change you want
Define a purpose of your health goals
Create a schedule to work towards your goals

Integrate health in your busy daily life with Weo Health Hacks

Practical tips from experts
2-5 minute video nuggets that you can follow anywhere, anytime
Mark your favourite Health Hacks to access them easily

Track your progress

Stay motivated with easy and intuitive feedback

Each health goal has a Weomi. Easily remain on track to achieve your goal by keeping it blooming!

Add notes to your activities and body measurements to keep a record of what works for you.

Get total control and privacy of your data

You decide whom you connect with, who sees your activity and goal data, whose notifications you want to receive.

Weo is 100% GDPR compliant. There are no advertisements on Weo and your data is not shared or sold to any third party.

Data import

Automatically import health data

Weo integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit

Integrate with other fitness apps to import your data automatically via Apple Health and Google Fit

Easily edit your imported activity and health details in Weo

More devices and apps are being integrated with new versions