Weo understands

Weo recognizes that individuals change easily when their family and friends are involved in the change

Why Weo Why Now

Weo makes your journey towards health joyful and fun by enabling your friends and loved ones to be engaged in your health & fitness journey. Weo is your lifetime health & fitness companion.

— Team Weo —

What makes Weo effective​

Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest running research study ever, has proven that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier. Weo helps you create your own personal circle of friends and family for the purpose of supporting each other live a healthier, longer life.

Research demonstrates that inter-generational transfer of sports related lifestyle can explain the differences in sports participation displayed by young people. The open and flexible design of Weo enables you to create a circle of friends and family that can include multiple generations.

Weo provides a safe, secure and private environment for you to engage your friends and family in every aspect of health & fitness. We do not sell your data, or track you or show advertisements to you. 

Every element of Weo: warm welcoming design, short-term realistic goals, high usability, Weomi, Boost and several other features have been created to make fitness joyful and fun.